About The Artist



Beth Capotosto is a Photographer living and working the vibrant art community of Somerville, MA. Though she was originally born in Somerville, Beth lived in many locations before settling back in Somerville 5 years ago. This upbringing gave her insight into how vast, diverse and wacky the world truly is. Along with this, Beth has a true appreciation for the little things in life that often go ignored. The combination of these two aspects are the foundation of her photography.

As an artist, Beth enjoys experimenting in a number of mediums: watercolors, encaustic, and jewelry design. Not to be outdone by the eclectic community she lives in, she is also a highly skilled educator, a classically trained Pianist, a crochet enthusiast and is currently pursuing attaining a black belt in Karate.  All of her photography featured in this website is currently for sale. Please contact Beth for information regarding sizing and prices.